About BIGEYE Direct

Flexibility Matters

It’s often said that the devil is in the details. Nowhere is this more evident than in direct mail production.  There are literally hundreds of ways throughout the production process in which costly mistakes can be made.  Therefore we rely on our experience, systems, and fundamental understanding that all mailings, large or small, require the utmost attention to detail.  While we’ve produced some of the largest mailing campaigns in the country (5 million pieces per week), we also handle mailings ranging from a couple hundred to several thousand pieces.  This flexibility enables our customers to rely on us as their single source for direct mail production.  We’ve developed a network of trusted partners and allies throughout the country that we can turn to if a particular project doesn’t fit us.  These partnerships also give us flexibility to meet the demanding schedules of our clients. 

It's All About The Data

Data Processing: It’s where all successful direct mail campaigns begin, and it’s what we do best.  Data and Data Processing is the single most important part of a direct mail campaign, yet it’s often the most overlooked aspect of the project.  At BIGEYE DIRECT we go to great lengths to ensure your data is as clean and accurate as possible.  We’ve spent countless hours developing custom programs to filter and enhance data files.  We understand the duplicate elimination process and execute it flawlessly to meet the needs of our clients.  We run the most up to date address validation and presort software, maximizing postal discounts for all classes of mail.  If you need a list to prospect for new customers, we have access to virtually every list available on the market for rent and provide full assistance with acquiring data that most accurately fits your needs.

Exceptional Service Defines Us

We recognize that there is a printer on every corner and that mailers have numerous choices when seeking out production companies.  It’s not enough to simply be knowledgeable and experienced in your industry.  And it’s so more than just having the best price.  It’s about service, on each and every project, day in and day out, and BIGEYE DIRECT provides it.  We treat every client as if they are our only customer, and every project like it’s our last, realizing that if we don’t provide the service our customers demand, it will be.