SAS70 Certification

Your data equals your life blood as it contains critical information about your donors, account holders, and customers.  Should it get into the wrong hands, it can have catastrophic consequences for your organization.  To alleviate this fear, Bigeye Direct is one of the few mailing companies in the Mid-Atlantic region to operate in a SAS70 certified data center.  SAS70 certification is the most secure rating a data center can achieve so you can rest assured that your data is secure while under our watch.  We support PGP encryption for transferring files across our secure ftp and our servers reside offsite in the SAS70 facility so you never have to worry about your data walking away.  Our commitment to data security has allowed us to pass numerous security audits from major financial institutions as well as state and local governments and we consider it a defining factor separating us from other mailers.

24 Hour Video Surveillance

Physical plant security is equally as important as data security.  Our state of the art 32,000 SF facility is under interior & exterior 24 hour video surveillance and utilizes the finest camera equipment available on the market.  Our building is passkey protected throughout and critical areas are only accessible to employees who have been granted access.